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Technology Is Complex.

Relationships Shouldn't Be.

At ScanSource, we want to make it easy for our partners to find the right technology, to move to the cloud, to round out the solutions, and to close the deal. With the industry’s most comprehensive selection of technology and a team that is second to none in the channel, VARs, agents, ISOs and ISVs can be assured they have access to the solutions they need, the support and services they desire, and the tools to bring it all together.

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ScanSource, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCSC), from the center of the solution-delivery channel, connects businesses and provides technologies that address their needs. ScanSource sellsthrough specialized routes-to-marketofferings from industry-leading suppliers of point-of-sale, payments, barcode, physical security, unified communications and collaboration, telecom, and cloud services. ScanSource and its partners create, deliver and manage solutions for customers across most markets.


Intelisys, a ScanSource Company, is the nation’s leading technology services distributor of business telecommunications services, including voice, data, access, cable, collaboration, wireless and cloud. With ScanSource’s acquisition of Intelisys in 2016, ScanSource broadened its capabilities by entering the telecom and cloud services market, while at the same time providing resellers with a robust portfolio of connectivity and cloud services offerings to help build recurring revenue streams.


intY, a ScanSource company, is a pioneer in the distribution of cloud services from some of the biggest cloud software vendors in the world, including Microsoft, Symantec, and Acronis. Through its award-winning CASCADE cloud platform and unique Partner Insights™ tool, intY delivers the SaaS solutions and efficiencies you need to better serve your customers and build your cloud business practice.


POS Portal, a ScanSource Company, is a leading distributor of point of sale equipment, including credit card terminals, accessories, and supplies. ScanSource’s acquisition of POS Portal in 2017 has provided ScanSource customers in the payments business additional access to the solutions, services and support to grow their payments offerings.


We choose to work with ScanSource because of the personal relationships we have with the staff, the fact that they do not compete with us, and the responsiveness and excellent service that’s provided. They truly are a partner.



ScanSource is a strong advocate for UT – always fighting for best pricing on our behalf, while providing top-notch customer service on a consistent basis.


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